Eagan & Company has its roots in a firm founded over 50 years ago by two CPAs who had set out to help McDonald’s franchisees prepare and submit their financials to corporate headquarters.  With an understanding of exactly how McDonald’s wanted the information laid out and shared, the company quickly grew as word spread of its ability to get the job done quickly, and to McDonald’s specifications.  Today, the company still serves McDonald’s and Jimmy Johns franchisees of all sizes.

With accounting responsibility for over 100 stores across the country, Eagan & Company is a leader in franchisee accounting

Over the years, Eagan & Company has expanded to support a wide range of businesses of all sizes.  Although they specialize in restaurants and retail, other industries they support include services businesses, manufacturers, and medical professionals.

How We’re Different

In addition to Eagan & Company’s traditional accounting, payroll and tax preparation services, CFO consulting is a key element of the company’s suite of services.  Companies are often faced with major financial decisions – where two heads are better than one. Eagan & Company brings to the table experts who have previously served in a CFO role for large corporations.  With a keen understanding for how to evaluate those difficult choices, our team can advise on whether to make a large capital investment, determine how to accommodate rapid growth, or create what-if analyses to mitigate risk.  Although you may not need these services often, utilizing a company that already understands your financial situation is cost-effective and timely.

Bill Eagan

Bill Eagan is a CPA with over 25 years of financial management and CPA firm experience.  Bill has held positions from a Governmental CFO to a Manufacturing Controller for a Fortune 500 company allowing Bill to take a holistic approach to a company’s financial performance.  In addition to his expertise in tax planning and compliance, his background comes in handy when working with our clients on strategic financial planning, financial risk mitigation, and assessing the health of a company.