Our company was founded on providing accounting support to franchise owner-operators for one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, McDonald’s. We have decades of experience working with one location owner-operators as well as entities with dozens of locations for McDonald’s and other retail franchisors. We develop close working relationships with our franchisee clients, providing sound financial guidance and assuring conformance with franchise reporting requirements.

  • Our CPA prepares back-office monthly reports required by franchisors, including sales reports, state sales tax reporting and bank reconciliations. We also have electronic reporting submission capabilities.
  • We offer bill paying services for vendor invoices.
  • Changes in federal and state tax laws can impact your tax liability. As you contemplate major purchases or upgrades to your franchise, we will make you aware of any resulting tax consequence.
  • We provide strategic planning to minimize future tax burdens.
  • We prepare annual state and federal tax returns.
  • We provide future planning advice for activities such as additional restaurant purchases or sales, retirement, and succession planning.